Have you ever met a losing winner? Meet Celebrity Fitness Trainer DB DONAMATRIX. Not taking the Guinness World Records Title for the largest resistance band workout during DONAMATRIX DAY 2019 moved DB DONAMATRIX to attempt the record-breaking feat once more. 

During DONAMATRIX DAY 2020 on April 4th, DB DONAMATRIX will make a second attempt to break the Guinness World Records in his hometown-Petersburg, Virginia. 

While encouraging 650 people from around the Country to sign-up and participate in the DONAMATRIX DAY 2020 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS DONAMATRIX WORKOUT in Virginia, the #Inspired2Win Campaign will highlight stories of inspiration to win. 

The national #Inspired2Win  comes down to pushing yourself to achieve the smallest victories as well as the most unimaginable goals despite moments of loss, lost and/or adversity. 

Focusing on the mind and body in the context of mental health, well being, fitness and overall health, the #Inspired2Win Campaign provides a timely reminder that the mind pushes the body. 

For nearly two decades, DB DONAMATRIX has reshaped thousands of minds and bodies with his signature fitness training methodology: DON-A-MATRIX TRAINING. His most noted motto is "Mind Right. Body Ready."  

What inspires you to win?